Bluzelle's Incentivized Network Program

Swarm of Duty

Swarm of Duty is a program centered around staking on Bluzelle. It is for all participants of the Bluzelle ecosystem to simultaneously on-board to staking and strengthen the network. Swarm of Duty is for validators, token holders, and developers.

Claim Your Duty

More than 2.5 million tokens will be shared with the participants

Software Bounty

Serverless P2P Chat
Rewards: $3000 to 5000
Instant Notary
Rewards: $2000 to 2500


Create your BLZ wallet
Open now!
Open now!


Validator Signup
Open now!
Node Setup
Open now!
Uptime Competition
Coming soon!


Viral Content Creation
dApp Outreach
Rewards: $50 to $500

We Treasure Our Community

Do you have an idea to buidl on Bluzelle? Do you want to be part of the Bluzelle Swarm to make us the best data network? Join our discord community to discuss about tech and staking!

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