Bluzelle's Incentivized Network Program

Swarm of Duty is a program centered around staking on Bluzelle. It is for all participants of the Bluzelle ecosystem to simultaneously on-board to staking and strengthen the network. Swarm of Duty is for validators, token holders, and developers.

Stage 2 (Ongoing)

Swarm of Duty II is a whole new episode to drive utility and storage capacity of the Bluzelle network. The more capacity we have the more customers we can support and the more BLZ fees earned by validators.

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Stage 1 (Ended)

Swarm of Duty 1 was to help our validators to get comfortable with node setup and our Proof-of-Stake consensus. Participants were rewarded with high uptime and voting participation.

Date: April - July
Rewards: 1.4 Million BLZ Distributed
220 Validators Participated, 32 of which achieved perfect voting uptime
Four iterations (upgrades) of the Testnet during the competition
A massive security improvement to Bluzelle’s architecture
Discovered a critical bug in Tendermint protocol

The Tiers

To accomplish the goal in Swarm of Duty 2, we have established a three tiered validator program that matches our army theme of Swarm of Duty and BLZ Soldiers. Each group has a different role and set of responsibilities. It's designed so we can have everyone participate from the token holder who wants to be more involved to those experienced technologists who can build for us. We will provide support and education so people can actually move up the ranks by proving themselves.


This tier is for anyone to easily spin up a node with their own device or from the cloud. Tier 1 Validators do very little work for the network and only provide storage. They are there to easily expand the network size of Bluzelle.


Professional Validators who run operations, allow for many to delegate, and they earn fees and commissions. This group is usually for validators run by institutions or groups who have strong infrastructure setup and vast experience in running blockchain nodes.

Special Force

This tier will be kickstarting the network and maintaining it going forward. It is for elites who are looking to support the Bluzelle network in the long-term and are eager to make extra contributions to the Bluzelle ecosystem through their technical expertise. Not only are they professional in operating nodes, but they are also able to build out tools and techs that can benefit others and help our ecosystem scale quickly.

Hard Fork Contest

The Hard Fork Contest is your entry point to earn an "Infantry" or "Armory" badge.

Since the end of Swarm of Duty 1 and the launch of Soft Mainnet, the Bluzelle team has implemented many more new features to improve the usability, user experience and security of the Bluzelle network, including new jailing criteria, gas algorithm, tax modules and so on. These need to be implemented to our production mainnet, which is going to be a hard fork from the current soft mainnet. Therefore, it requires best practices of our validators on the network to support this hard fork to make sure all the old data is not corrupted.

This contest is served as a "dress rehearsal" for the hard fork, while making sure the new network is thoroughly tested and run as expected. It will be conducted on a new testnet that we are launching in parallel with the soft mainnet.

Hard Fork Rehearsal

White Hat Attack

Bug Hunting

We are providing token incentives for current soft mainnet validators and other public members who would like to help stress test our new network. 500 BLZ - 5000 BLZ will be given out for each task delegated by the team.

Call to Arms

The “Call to Arms” program is an inspiration for validators who would like to take an extra mile to earn the “Special Force” title and more rewards. Below we are providing this “enhancement list” that you can contribute to help us to strengthen the foundation of our blockchain and ecosystem. If you are interested in any of the below task, you can claim your duty by joining our Discord channel. Our team will provide you with enough resources and guidance to get started.

Oracle Data Feeds
Oracle Feeders
Protocol-based reward
Block Explorers
$5,000-$20,000 and up
Monitoring Tools
$500-$7,500 and up
Deployment Wizards
Delegation Wizards
Kubernetes Ops
Smart Contracts
Open Category


Rewards & Rules

To know more about this program and what incentives you can earn

Node Setup Guide

Technical requirements, setting up your node and other configurations


Repository of our code. Setup, build or contribute to open source

Stay Connected

The place to interact with the team and other community validators

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