Bluzelle Developer Grant

The Bluzelle Developer Grant Program targets blockchain and software developers who would like to bring their creative visions to live through Bluzelle. We have allocated USD$500,000 of funding to support innovative use cases that will benefit from Bluzelle’s unique decentralized database.


  • Receive grant funding from Bluzelle
  • Access to technical advice, business expertise and mentorship from Bluzelle team and industry experts
  • Leverage on Bluzelle’s worldwide partner networks for business collaboration

Why Build On Bluzelle?

  • The first dPoS decentralized database powered by 10,000 TPS

  • Fast, secure and scalable

  • Mainnet goes live on 3rd Feb

  • Multiple-language support (JS, Python, Ruby, Java, Go etc)

List of Inspirations

Do not have an idea yet? No worries! We have provided a list of inspirations that you can choose to work on.

Censor-Resistant Web Hosting Services

An API on top of the Bluzelle Libraries that allows push/pull updates to a website
A notary service or decentralized Wikipedia that stores information immutably
A P2P voting dApp powered by BluzelleDB that protects voting results from corruption & manipulation
A “consumer” triggering system where users can subscribe to event update of a blockchain
A crowd-sourced dictionary allowing public to search, read & edit
A decentralized chat app powered by BluzelleDB that protects users’ privacy
A communication tool between blockchain addresses (sending a text/email to a blockchain address)
An API on top of the Bluzelle Libraries that is designed specifically for caching services
Blockchain games that can demonstrate creative use of BluzelleDB
A visually-appealing dashboard of blockchain data (nodes, peers, uptime etc)
A shared ledger that allows sharing of KYC information among different entities on a permissioned basis
If you would like to explore more details, talk to our team on Discord

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